Watersazeh is a manufacturer of chemical preparation and injection packages

Various chemicals are used for various reasons in various industries, including water and wastewater treatment and refineries. In order to increase the accuracy in the amount of injected substance and to prevent contact with human hands, an equipment called package is used to prepare and inject the chemical substance. After entering these tanks, the chemicals enter the fluid in the desired size, and parts of this process are carried out manually and sometimes all automatically. Jasazaz is a manufacturer of chemical injection packages in different capacities with high efficiency, in which the best guaranteed materials are used.

Preparation and injection package of chemicals

What is a chemical injection package?

As the name suggests, the chemical preparation and injection package refers to equipment that prepares chemicals and injects them in a very precise amount into the target fluid or tank. In other words, solid or liquid chemicals are first entered into the tank of these packages and after preparation by special mixers, with the help of dosing pump or injection pump, they are entered into the desired fluid or tank.

These packages are used in various industries, among others, and based on this, there are changes in their internal design and structure. In the chemical injection package, a set of components such as mixer and stirrer, tank, dosing pump, precision instruments are responsible for the preparation and injection process.

Types of chemical injection packages

The packages for the preparation and injection of chemical substances have a high variety in terms of function and structure. In addition, they are different in terms of body material. In terms of the material of the body, these packages can be classified into metal and polyethylene groups. Metal models are produced with steel, stainless steel and steel, and to prevent tank corrosion, its inner walls are covered with epoxy paints. Anti-scalant and chlorine injection package, etc. can be considered a subset of these packages.

In terms of regulating the amount of chemicals that must be injected, they can be classified into the following two general groups:

  • Manual adjustment of dosing pump: In this model, the amount of chemicals to be injected is manually adjusted by a human operator.
  • Automatic adjustment of the dosing pump: the amount of chemicals is adjusted automatically.

In addition to the above classification, based on the type of pumps used in the package, they can be placed in several groups. Chemical injection pumps are selected according to tank capacity and pressure, and the following options can be mentioned among the most common ones:

  • Dosing tube pump (Peristaltic pumps): can be used in low pressure packages
  • Plunger metering pumps: can be used in the package to inject chemicals with high pressure
  • Mechanical diaphragm injection pump (mechanically deflected diaphragm): pump diaphragm performs suction and pumping of chemicals by mechanical force and with reciprocating pulse movements.
  • Hydraulic diaphragm injection pump (hydraulically deflected diaphragm): The reciprocating movement of the piston is transferred with oil to the diaphragm.

Types of chemical injection packages in terms of the number of tanks

Chemical preparation and injection packages can be classified into two groups in terms of the type and number of tanks used in them, which are:

Single tank chemical injection package

These packages consist of a tank with a capacity proportional to the amount of injected chemicals. After entering the tank and preparation by the dosing pump, the chemicals enter the desired fluid.

Chemical injection package of two tanks

These packages consist of two polyethylene tanks. Chemicals are prepared in the primary tank and then the materials enter the second tank and are stored. Then the required amount of material is injected by dosing pump.

In single-tank and two-tank injection packages, various chemicals can be stored and stored, including anti-corrosion agents, demulsifiers, biocide, acid and base, coagulant agents, various chlorine solutions, anti-scalants and anti-foam solutions. For this reason, these packages can be produced as chlorine injection packages with a little change.

How the package works for preparing and injecting chemicals

In the internal structure of the chemical preparation and injection package, several components are used, which may change according to the capabilities of the device. The main components in these packages can be mentioned as follows:

  • Accurate instruments for measuring various indicators, including ph, etc
  • Dosing pump or injection pump with a body completely resistant to corrosive substances
  • Stirrer or mixer for preparing chemicals before injection
  • Pipes and fittings for the passage and transfer of chemicals
  • Package installation chassis
  • Control board to send commands to different parts of the device

The procedure for preparing and injecting chemicals is as follows:

  • Chemical powder or substance enters the primary tank of the device
  • Chemicals and water are mixed and homogenized by a stirrer
  • The prepared materials enter the second tank and are kept until the injection stage
  • The required amount of material is measured by the dosing pump and then injected into the pipe or tank and the desired fluid

The price of the chemical injection package

Considering that these packages have significant differences from each other in terms of internal components and capabilities, for this reason their prices vary widely. The brand of internal components, body material, capacity, number of tanks and mechanical or hydraulic power source of dosing pump are all factors affecting the price of the chemical injection package.

Designing and making a package for preparing and injecting chemicals

Ab Sazeh is one of the experienced teams in the field of designing and manufacturing packages for the preparation and injection of chemical substances. In the design stage of these packages, based on the environmental conditions, the type of chemicals and desired flow rate for injection, the required components and body material, thickness, etc. are determined. Then, they are placed in the production tank and its components with completely resistant materials against acidic and corrosive materials. In the design stage, manual or automatic device is also considered.

To get more information and get free advice before buying a chemical injection package, just search the name of the waterworks on the Internet. The sales experts of this collection are ready to provide free advice in this field.