Criticism of Binance exchange and suspicious behavior of the last year

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Binance, the largest digital currency exchange, has been doing suspicious activities for a long time, which is good to know. Follow us with the review of Binance exchange.

First of all, let’s say that Binance is a reliable exchange and has many fans, we hope that there will never be any problems with this exchange. This review is based solely on the personal experiences of Mr. Ali Akbar Tausal, which he gained during the last decade.

After losing billions of doge in 2021 due to a bug in the DogeCoin settlement, Binance has taken strange actions and we are still witnessing it to this day. So that a short time after this incident, he turned to footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo and then the advertisement on Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

During this period, the Binance exchange announced that it has a lot of liquidity and it has decided to help 50 bankrupt digital currency companies to pay their debts. But the story did not end here and he entered South Korea with the help of gopax exchange.

After this, the Binance blockchain was hacked. He lost a lot of money again and immediately started advertising on the Burj Khalifa. Also, again, Cristiano Ronaldo strongly promoted and supported this exchange.

Reasons for Binance’s strange actions

It is not bad to first pay attention to a memory of Mr. Ali Akbar Tussel in this regard:

“In 1987, Saderat Bank was on the verge of bankruptcy, and every day for some reasons, salaries and bonuses were reduced or eliminated. Until one day, Saderat Bank’s nationwide advertisements with all the tempting prizes appeared on the city’s television and billboards, and a whole new idea was unveiled.

All colleagues thought that the situation of the bank had improved until they revealed the secret of this story during a meeting. The managing director of the bank said that if you see such decisions made, it is because the bank is on the verge of bankruptcy and closure. These gifts and prizes are so that we can raise the bank’s liquidity again, and if we don’t do this, the bank will go bankrupt. I feel exactly the same about Binance now. I feel that Binance will use any method to attract liquidity.”

The above were some of the things that Binance exchange did. After the nationwide attack of the governments on this exchange, it removed the transaction fees of Bitcoin and Tether, which in turn shows the attraction of liquidity and new customers.

Of course, this coin has two sides, either it succeeds or it doesn’t. If it succeeds, it will undoubtedly act much stronger than before. Otherwise, it will declare bankruptcy and certainly the loss caused by this bankruptcy will be problematic not only for Binance but also for digital currencies.

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