June to July report of Cryptongar site

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Charts and statistics Khordad until the Tir

According to these statistics:

Total clicks Or the click rate has increased by 5.78%.

Total impressions Or the amount of words in Google search has increased by 4.9%.

Average CTR Or we have an increase of 11.11% in search rate per click on the site.

Average position Or the position of the site on Google pages has grown by 49%.

The position of keywords on the site

You can see the placement of keywords in the table below.

key words Khordad Number of results
Digital currency news 13 96
Bitcoin news 10 78
Crypto news 2 100
The latest digital currency news 7 67
Digital currency training 25 47,900,000
Bitcoin training 7 17,400,000
The best digital currency training site 2 35,800,000
The best digital currency exchange 40 6,540,000
Bitcoin currency analysis 9 75
Bitcoin analysis 11 84
The latest digital currency news 4 21,100,000
How to enter the digital currency market? 4 828,000
Digital currency signal 7 10,400,000
Free signal 3 9,990,000
Free digital currency signal 3 5,000,000
Coin price and coin bubble today 10 78
Coin bubble chart 9 61