Canon has introduced a new camera called EOS R100, which has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and is placed in the category of mirrorless cameras equipped with interchangeable lenses. The R100 is the cheapest Canon RF mount camera in the EOS lineup.

The EOS R100 uses the same Digic 8 sensor and processor that was used in the EOS M50 Mark II camera (2020 product) and is equipped with the Canon LP-E17 battery that we previously saw in the M50 camera. The R100 lacks some of the features we typically see in EOS-series cameras.

Canon’s OLED electronic viewfinder has a resolution of 2.36 million dots. The SD memory card slot only supports UHS-I cards. The rear display is fixed and does not support touch controls. Users looking for a touchscreen should go for the R50 camera. The R100 is only equipped with a rotary dial, no joystick, and like other low-end EOS R series cameras, it doesn’t have an in-body image stabilization system (IBIS).

The latest Canon camera uses a mechanical shutter. The structure of this mechanical shutter reduces the weight and cost of production, but limits the rate of recording consecutive images (3.5 frames per second in Servo AF mode or 6.5 frames per second in One-Shot AF mode).

Canon’s new camera has a series of features that are exciting for smartphone users. For example, the R100 is equipped with the intelligent Auto (A+) feature to detect scenes and innovative filter modes, uses eye detection autofocus, and has the ability to track faces and bodies. R100 cannot track objects and animals.

The Canon R100 captures 4K video in crop mode, and uses the full width of the sensor when recording 1080p video. These two videos are recorded at 24 and 60 frames per second respectively.

According to Canon, the R100 is compatible with all RF lenses (with a crop factor of 1.6) and RF-S lenses, and has the same dimensions as the R50 (116 x 86 x 69 mm). The weight of 356 grams makes the R100 the lightest camera in the EOS R series.

According to Digital Photography ReviewCanon’s new low-end camera will be available next month for $479.99 (body only). The RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM lens kit carries a price tag of $599.99.

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