Samsung sells a full line of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. It can be assumed that the sales of the Korean technology giant’s phones are more than its tablets; But apparently, Galaxy Tabs have brought the most operating profit for the Korean brand.

According to the well-known technology news whistleblower, Tech_Reve, Samsung has achieved an impressive operating profit of $227 million in its first fiscal quarter of 2023. The interesting thing is that the profit margin of this company’s tablets is 10% and for its smartphones and smart watches it is 7% and 8% respectively.

Samsung owns a large part of the market share of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, and in fact, is the largest seller of tablets. Android is considered. In fact, the recent report of the Korean company shows that the sale of tablets brings more profit to Armaghan compared to the sale of smart phones and watches.

to report WccfTechSamsung’s main focus will remain on smartphones, and in the near future, we will see the introduction of new Galaxy A, Galaxy S and Galaxy Z series foldables.

In addition, new Galaxy F and Galaxy M models will be introduced for some specific markets. The Korean tech giant will introduce the powerful Galaxy Tab S9 series tablets in the near future, which are likely to be well received by buyers.

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