Cause of failure of the fan relay socket

Heat and quality of manufacturing materials are the most important causes of failure of the fan relay socket.

The heat inside the car in the engine and its related items is so harmful that every few years and in some cases every year, some parts must be replaced so that your car will have less technical problems and less costs will be imposed on you.

The heat in the car is aggravated for various reasons, among which we can refer to the incorrect design of the location and the obstruction of its breathing.

The breathing of the engine and the location are very important in raising the temperature; But one should not forget the important role of the metal used in the engine and its production method, the metal and the production method and in short the architecture of the engine is very important in the resulting temperature and one should pay attention to the fact that some cars due to the use of special designs They impose a higher price on other car parts.

Peugeot 405 nightmare for the connector!

Although Peugeot 405 is one of the relatively good cars in the Iranian market and has many fans (one of the favorite cars of Iranian youths for playing sports and known as car games), due to the special design of the engine and the inability to maintain the same temperature with the environment, it causes many burn failures. The cylinder head gasket can cause other problems.

One of these possible failures in Peugeot 405 is the failure of sockets due to the heat inside the hood, and connectors and sockets that have better resistance to heat must be used in this car.

Types of fan relay sockets in the market

In the car market, there are different types of fan relay sockets, each of which is made by major brands of socket manufacturers in the world, and China has copied these brands and has been able to have a say in the world market alongside foreign brands.

In our country, Iran, this copying has been done by some companies, and using the latest production techniques and new technologies, these connectors or more familiarly called sockets are produced inside the country with great difficulty and difficulty in order to present the Iranian consumer with the right quality at the right price. give

There are several different models of the fan relay socket in the market, the main manufacturers of each of which you may see examples of these sockets in the well-known brands Molex () – TE or Tyco () and Cat () so that you can find them in many stores. These sockets are still known by the names of world famous brands and they give special credit to each brand.

Services offered by Pirouz Shafaq Industrial Production Company

Pirouz Shafaq Industrial Manufacturing Company has been operating in Tehran since 1374 with the aim of producing all kinds of car sockets and electrical connectors, using modern technology and obtaining global quality certificates; Like ISO 9001 and ISO 16494, it has been able to build a familiar name among car manufacturers and customers during this time and bring unrivaled quality to consumers of its products.

In addition to the fan relay socket, which is available in Pirouz Shafaq’s product portfolio, you can see the world of Pirouz Shafaq’s wide sockets on the official website of this company and every connector And ask for the socket you need from this company.

Pirouz Shafaq’s sales conditions are specific to major customers and wire harness production workshops related to car connectors, and these customers can get their desired connector with a suitable quality by communicating with this company.


1. How many models are there in the fan relay socket in the market?

In the market, fan relay sockets are available in 5 house and 4 house models and special models 206 and 207.

2. How to understand the components of the connector?

Paying attention to the signs and letters inserted on the connector indicate the materials used in this piece.

3. Why is it better to use polymer materials?

The composition of polymer materials in connectors is very important; Because if low-quality materials are used, the parts connected with the connector in the car may catch fire.

Why should you buy from Pirouz Shafaq?

The professional sales team, along with the supply of high-quality products and after-sales service, are important reasons for you to get the sockets and connectors you need from Pirouz Shafaq.

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