77% share of XDSL from fixed internet

The state of development of fixed and mobile broadband communications until the end of the fourth quarter of 1401 shows that there is still a big gap between the use of fixed and mobile internet and most of the subscribers use mobile internet. Fixed broadband penetration rate has increased compared to the winter of 2019 and reached 13.05% from 12.61%; Also, the mobile internet broadband penetration rate is reported as 124.18%.

Among fixed broadband subscribers, XDSL has the largest market share of 77%, TD-LTE has 18%, WIFI has 3%, and FTTH has 2% of this market.

The majority of mobile internet subscribers, i.e. 91.28%, use 4G and the remaining 8.72% use 3G.

This report also shows that the data transfer speed of the fourth generation subscribers is 15.52 MBPS in First Mobile, 16.38 in Irancell and 19.22 MBPS in Rightel.

The registered complaints about the internet situation decreased compared to the summer

Internet disruptions in the summer of 1401 are clear in the subscriber complaints section of this report. Subscribers in 1401 registered the most complaints about the state of fixed and mobile internet in summer.

In the summer, 15 thousand 137 complaints were registered by fixed internet subscribers, this amount decreased to 12 thousand 413 complaints in the winter.

Mobile Internet subscribers reported the highest number of 1,401 complaints in the summer, and over time, the number of complaints decreased from 3,466 in the summer to 1,912 in the winter.

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