China’s cyber security regulator has announced that companies operating in the country are not allowed to buy chips from the American company Micron Technology. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said in a statement that the company’s products pose “significant security risks” to China’s critical information infrastructure, including state-owned banks and telecom operators.

Sanctioning of Micron is carried out while China said about two months ago that it will start an investigation against the company’s imported products. China’s cyber security regulatory action is a kind of countermeasure; Because the United States has imposed crippling sanctions on China’s chip industry in the last year.

Micron is the largest memory chip maker in the United States and earns about 10 percent of its annual revenue from the Chinese market. Most of Micron’s customers in China are companies that produce smart devices for distribution in other regions of the world.

Based on the writing AndroidMicron’s embargo only includes Chinese companies, and foreign companies operating in the Chinese market will be safe from this embargo.

In response to China’s sanctions, Micron said that it is evaluating the situation and will announce its next steps soon. Micron says it will continue to try to negotiate with Chinese authorities. China has not yet said which Micron products will be subject to the new sanctions.

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