2020 A Chinese software engineer in Hangzhou found an article about lip sync technology. The premise of this technology is relatively simple: using a computer program to match lip movements with speech recordings. Grandpa Yu Jialin He died about 10 years ago; For this reason, he asked himself: “Can I see grandpa again using this technology?”

Chinese people by combining a set of emerging technologies Artificial intelligence has developed new chat programs based on the personality and memories of the dead, thus providing a new opportunity to talk to their loved ones again.

Yu, who is now 29 years old, lost his grandfather when he was 17 years old. He regrets some arguments between himself and his grandfather. For example, he once yelled at him for interrupting the game.

Yu says his family refused to mention his grandfather’s name after his death. The young Chinese engineer commented, “Everyone in the family tried their best to forget Grandpa.”

Griefbot is powered by ChatGPT

The Griefbot concept has been tested over the years. This name is attributed to programs based on artificial intelligence simulating humans; Programs that impersonate people based on their memorabilia, photos, and voice recordings. However, the very rapid development of generative AI in the last year has brought the power and reach of Griefbots to a whole new level.

Older AI models required a large set of data. Now even lay engineers can train language models with a person’s past traits to talk or think like them.

Haibing Lu“Nowadays, you don’t need a lot of examples to train artificial intelligence to learn people’s personalities and imitate their voices,” Santa Clara University professor of information and analytics told Insider.

Lu’s research focuses on artificial intelligence. “Systems like ChatGPT mimics human speech and has already learned how most people speak or write naturally. “You only need to apply minor changes to artificial intelligence systems to make it 99% similar to the person you are looking for.”

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