It is a combination of an integrated development environment (Cloud IDE) and a customized online terminal (Cloud Shell) that provides a variety of features to technology activists.

DevOps experts, SREs and Sysadmins, whose work is in the field of Development and Operation, are among the audience of Abari Arvan Shell, who can use this product to develop and deliver projects safely and easily from the development environment to production.

With Shell Abari Arwan The application can be developed in the same environment and taken to the production environment. The sameness of the development and production environment means that variables such as dependencies and runtimes do not cause problems in the performance of the project. Also, the proximity of the development and production environment increases the speed of service deployment and release.

How does Arwan’s Cloud Shell product help DevOps experts?

The DevOps job position was created to eliminate the knowledge gap between developers and sysadmins who work in the field of operation. Arwan’s Cloud Shell has also provided a suitable tool for DevOps experts by including infrastructure development and management tools. Among the advantages and possibilities of this product for DevOps experts, SREs and Sysadmins, the following can be mentioned:

The same environment for development and production

The difference in systems and configurations causes an application that works well on the developer’s laptop to have problems in the production environment. Arwan Cloud Shell has eliminated this problem by providing a uniform environment on the cloud platform for development and operation process.

Access to the tools required for Operation in pre-installed form

Automation tools such as Ansible and Terraform as well as infrastructure management tools such as Kubectl and Helm are needed to deliver a safe and tested application from the development environment to the production environment.

The advantage of Arwan Cloud Shell is access to all the tools needed by Sysadmins, DevOps experts and SREs by default and pre-installed, and these tools are continuously being increased and updated. Therefore, there is no need to spend time installing and maintaining these tools, and you can focus more on delivering optimally and scaling the application on time.

More than 100 Linux software packages are available to users in Arwan Cloud Shell, and there is the ability to personalize this space by adding other Linux software packages.

The tools that are available by default in Arwan cloud shell are: Helm, Ansible, OpenSSL, Python3, Terraform, mysql-client.

In addition, due to the fact that Arwan’s Cloud Shell eliminates the dependence on a laptop or personal computer, the tools needed to work are available to users as soon as they access the Internet and through a browser.

Access to pre-installed programming languages ​​and tools

Due to the fact that the activity of DevOps experts is a combination of Development and Operation, the tools needed for product development are also available to users in Arvan Cloud Shell. Commonly used programming languages ​​are available by default in Arvan Cloud Shell: Python, Java, Go, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, Perl.

Also, due to the possibility of online development with Cloud IDE of Abaran Cloud, most VSCode plugins such as SSH Client for controlling IaaS clouds and Thunder Client for testing APIs are available by default in Abaran Cloud Shell. Pre-installed plugins include SQL/NoSQL, ChatGPT, Jupyter Notebook, Redis Client, Ansible, Gitlens, Mintelify doc writer, Drawio.

Compatible with Arvan’s API and CLI

The Cloud Shell product is compatible with Arvan’s API and CLI; The command line or CLI of Arwan Cloud Container (Cloud Container) is pre-installed and configured on Cloud Shell and can be used to manage, deploy and publish applications. Also, after publication, its log can be viewed in the Arvan cloud container.

Development and management of services even with mobile phones and tablets

Due to the cloud nature of this product, even with tablets and smart phones, you can enter the Arvan Cloud Shell and develop and manage cloud services using browsers.

Arvan Cloud Shell’s extensive features, which are available everywhere, can help you develop and manage cloud services using different browsers at any time.

Other features and facilities of Arvan Cloud Shell include access to Git, permanent data storage, use of resources on the cloud instead of laptop or personal computer resources, the possibility of personalization, learning to develop on the cloud (Cloud Native) and the possibility of development with the help of artificial intelligence. did

Arwan Cloud Shell pricing method

Cloud Shell, like other Arwan cloud products, can be used in the form of PAYG and pay according to the amount of consumption. Users can use Arvan Cloud Shell in the form of 3core, 4core, 8core, 16core, 20core packages.

Also, due to the PAYG pricing of this product, it is possible to use Arwan Cloud Shell for various purposes, such as low-cost service testing to product development. In addition, to manage costs, you can increase or decrease the amount of CPU and Ram each time you run the shell. This increase and decrease will not change the data on the disk. It is possible to upgrade Disk in higher packages.

To review and test Arwan Cloud ShellThose interested can use the 4core package and 40GB disk for free for 5 hours per month.

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