If Xiaomi wants to make MIUI a more authentic Android skin, it could offer two MIUI skins that are visually distinct from each other, one for Chinese users and the other for users in the rest of the world. Thus, basic visual changes will be applied to each version.

Therefore, the global version of MIUI will be presented with a more original look that does not resemble iOS, and due to the Chinese interest in Apple’s mobile operating system, the Chinese version of MIUI inspired by iOS will be released.

Xiaomi is not the first company to offer two Android skins. For example, Vivo designed the Origin skin for China and Fun Touch for users in other countries.

A revised version of MIUI for China and global markets could also help speed up the rollout of updates as Xiaomi theoretically doesn’t have to devote resources to its two-pronged approach in the same way. However, the weakness of the mentioned method is that each market may not get exactly what it wants.

It doesn’t matter what path Xiaomi will take because the result will be that users of the global version of MIUI will no longer have to endure the similarities of this Android skin with iOS.

It’s time to redesign MIUI

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