Windows 11 recently introduced support for Phone Link for iOS, which is now out for everyone, but according to reports, some people may be exploiting this flaw to spy on iPhone users.

Phone Link has been around for Android for a long time, allowing messages, notifications, and more to PCs. Windows 11 can be transferred and therefore you can work with it on the desktop without removing your smartphone.

Therefore, introducing Phone Link for iOS is definitely a very useful feature for iPhone users, although its features are more limited than Android, but cybercriminals can exploit this feature due to the way Phone Link is implemented on Apple phones.

Cetro Software reports that several iPhone users have been spied on using Phone Link for iOS.

Of course, the attacker needs physical access to the phone to spy on the iPhone through Windows Phone Link.

written by TechRadarIf an attacker can gain access to an iPhone and knows the device’s passcode, it’s easy enough to set up Phone Link on a Windows PC. Certo doesn’t explain the exact steps to mitigate potential abuse, but the process involves scanning a QR code on a PC monitor with the victim’s iPhone and turning on Bluetooth.

Once Phone Link is set up, things like phone call history, iMessages, and the content of any notifications can be viewed on that PC without the iPhone owner being aware of it.

Cybercriminals seem to have been quick to exploit this new feature, Certo says, and that’s worrisome.

Certo says that if you feel your iPhone is at risk of being spied on, there are a few steps you can take to check for it. If you don’t use Bluetooth, definitely turn this feature off on your device. Without Bluetooth, there will be no connection between your iPhone and your PC.

“As with previous iPhone security holes, it may not be long before spyware developers start creating tools that can be used to extract more information from victims’ iPhones,” Certo said.

We hope that Microsoft will investigate the issue and provide a security solution to prevent iPhone spying as soon as possible.

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