To change the location of the screen recorded videos, enter the screen recording and screen recorder (Screenshots and screen recorder) again, and this time select the “save” option.Items recorded in Choose. Again, we’ll use the previous steps to create a new folder for screen capture videos.

Also, it is possible to save recorded videos in the screenshots folder. For this, you only need to enter the folder of photos taken from the screen as before and click on the option to do.

If you have done all the steps correctly, your photos and videos will now be saved in the new folder.

Samsung’s decision to allow users to change and personalize the default folder is a very welcome change; Especially if you are a Google Photos user; Because you no longer need to worry about backing up photos and videos recorded from the screen.

Even if you never worried about this, the new feature is still useful for you; Because with it you can save the screenshots in the place of your choice. This feature is one of several widely used features introduced in One UI 5.1, which has been useful and attractive for many users.

What other useful features of One UI 5.1 do you know?

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