Google recently introduced two new smartphones, Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold, which received very good initial feedback. However, some people are worried about smartphones getting bigger, and it seems that some Google employees feel the same way.

A Google employee announced at the company’s TGIF meeting that he plans to buy an iPhone for the first time after the Pixel 5; Because the size of Pixel 7 is big for him. Apparently, many other employees of the Internet search giant agreed with this person and upvoted his words.

Brian Rakowski, head of Google’s Pixel unit, joked in response to the question: “First of all, please don’t buy an iPhone; Because Pixel 7a is smaller than Pixel 7; But only 0.2 inches.”

“I would say there are a lot of people looking for smaller phones,” Rakowski said. “Some of them are even on our team, and we do extensive research to get an accurate understanding of the ideal size for each phone we build.”

Rakowski says most of their phones are the right size, but the Pixel 6a was bigger than they expected. “We will continue to receive feedback and conduct our research,” he said in part of his explanation.

written by Business InsiderThe dimensions of smartphones have increased; Because they are used for various tasks such as playing games and watching movies. In 2021, Counterpoint announced that devices equipped with screens smaller than 6 inches accounted for only 10% of all phones sold globally. Considering that Apple decided not to launch a new version of the iPhone Mini last September, it doesn’t seem like much has changed since then.

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