While the monthly inflation of the communication sector has been announced at 1.9%, the monthly inflation rate in this sector is higher than the other five goods and services. The monthly inflation of bread and cereals is 1.8%, unclassified food products 1.5%, oils and fats 0.5%, dairy and eggs 0.3% and education 0.3%.

The monthly inflation of 1.9 percent of goods and services in the field of communication shows that the inflation rate has decreased compared to the months of January and February 1401. The monthly inflation rate in February last year was 2.1%; The rate of inflation was 15.3% higher than the same month in the previous year, that is, Bahman 1400.

The monthly inflation rate in services and goods in the field of communication had a significant record in January 1401. In the first month of winter last year, the highest monthly inflation rate was recorded with 2.9%. This is despite the fact that the monthly inflation rate was estimated at 0.9 percent one month before, that is, December 1401. In February 1401 and April 1402, however, the inflation rate decreased; Although the Iranian Statistics Center has not announced the inflation rate in March of last year.

Also, the statistics published by the Iranian Statistics Center about the total annual inflation rate of the country in 1402 show that the inflation rate in the past year was 5.6 percent higher than in 1400. While at the end of 1400, the annual inflation rate was estimated at 40.2, this rate was announced at the end of 1401 with a growth of more than 5.5% to 45.8%. According to these statistics, the annual inflation rate in March of last year was 50.6% for rural households and 45% for urban households.

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