User needs create trends in modern technologies. For example, with increasing demand for chips in electronic vehicles, advanced data center servers, and applications. Artificial intelligence, we see the expansion of the use of RISC-V architecture in processors. In a world where everything is becoming more and more expensive, RISC-V has attracted a lot of attention as an open source architecture; Because it causes huge cost savings for chipmakers.

China’s future; What is RISC-V?

When it comes to the production of semiconductor products, companies that manufacture these parts are faced with several complex and difficult processes. Thus, very few chipmakers do the manufacturing or even development themselves. However, with the rapid development of technology, the amount of demand exceeds the capacity of manufacturers, and RISC-V is used exactly in such conditions. This architecture actually provides an open-source, royalty-free instruction set for building chips.

There are several reasons for the adoption of RISC-V in China. First, the mentioned architecture is a cost-effective option for chip designers. In addition, being open source and more flexible and customizable compared to proprietary architectures are other advantages of RISC-V. Finally, this relatively new architecture is constantly evolving and thus can be adapted to the needs of future applications.

Gizmochina He writes that RISC-V is designed to be simple and efficient. The development of this architecture was first started by researchers at the University of California, and since 2015, we have seen the public publication of its instructions.

The popularity of RISC-V in the world’s semiconductor industry is increasing, and perhaps the main reason is China. Chinese companies will produce eleven new RISC-V based chips in 2022 alone. These chips are used in various fields such as automotive, computer, wireless communication, energy management and security.

The adoption of RISC-V in China is considered a very big development in the world’s semiconductor industry. This shows that China is becoming one of the majors in chip design and production. The open source architecture has great potential and offers very favorable situations for China to be the leader in the development of chips.

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