Microsoft’s annual Build event starts on Tuesday in Seattle, and since so far there has been a lot of news about Artificial intelligence, Bing and ChatGPT released, we pretty much know what to expect.

With Microsoft’s massive foray into artificial intelligence, programming that uses this new technology is the focus of this year’s conference, but other topics will be discussed as well.

The build is held while we had the Google event a little while ago. The Bing search engine, which was always in competition with Google, has been equipped with artificial intelligence for some time and offers many possibilities to users. Google is also in Google I/O event He talked about his efforts in this field. Both these companies are competing with each other to dominate artificial intelligence.

The confrontation between Microsoft and Google

You must have noticed the increasing focus of large companies on artificial intelligence. The reason for this is the transformations that the tools made with the help of this technology can create, and now we are witnessing a great war for the dominance of artificial intelligence.

Google has had a turbulent time in the field of artificial intelligence in recent months, and when the ChatGPT server was found, it seemed that Microsoft had won the race.

But at the Google I/O conference, the field of artificial intelligence was revived. In this event, witness the introduction of things like PALM 2, A language model to compete with GPT-4 and display a new experience Smart search engine we were. In addition, Google announced at the I/O 2023 conference that Bard will be available for more than 180 countries, and Persian language support has also been added to it.

Other important issues of the conference include: Google partnered with Adobe FireFly to bring the image generator to Bard And Addition of generative artificial intelligence tool to Workspace Cited. Also can’t ALet Google’s artificial intelligence make professional image editing possible forgot

Now that the Microsoft Build event is near, it should be seen what plans this company has in mind to compete with Google. Are Redmondi’s artificial intelligence products able to compete with Google?

Further integration of artificial intelligence with Windows

Integrating artificial intelligence more and more with Windows is inevitable. Currently, parts of Windows use artificial intelligence, including system management and search, speech recognition, grammar correction, and even noise reduction and camera image processing.

During the CES 2023 conference, Panos Panay said about the further integration of artificial intelligence with Windows:

Microsoft is also adding AI to more parts of Windows. We expect to see the introduction of things related to the deepening of artificial intelligence in Windows in the build.

A session called “Deliver AI-powered Business in the Cloud and Edge with Windows” will also be held at Build, highlighting Windows’ role in the AI ​​revolution. Jeff Mendenhall, Principal Product Manager of AI Frameworks Hybrid & Edge will be in attendance. Note that Edge here does not mean Microsoft’s browser, but rather the concept of combining cloud computing with computing on local hardware.

Information about the next generation of GPT chat

No doubt we’ll hear about the vast world of new things that AI makes possible during the Build event. One of the most important of them is ChatGPT and its future developments.

With the introduction of ChatGPT, there was a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence and now many more people are connected with this technology. For this reason, the future of this famous chatbot and the way forward is considered important.

It is true that Microsoft does not own Open AI, but it is its largest shareholder. As a result, it is possible that we will see the latest changes of ChatGPT and the progress of this chatbot in the build.

Coding with artificial intelligence

Not long ago, we saw the introduction of Kopilot; Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chatbot that increases the productivity of office family software such as Word and PowerPoint. It can even be used to write Excel related codes that previously needed to be written manually.

Copilot in Office series software helps you write text, create PowerPoint files based on Word documents and use features like PivotTables in Excel in a better way. Now the said technology is supposed to be integrated with Microsoft 360 services more than before and provide better performance.

Also in the keynotes section of the event, there will be an “AI Copilot Era” session, during which Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft, will talk about Microsoft’s AI platform and OpenAI. Another fascinating session titled “Shaping the Future of Work with Artificial Intelligence” will be held, where Panay will show developers how they can use the Copilot AI feature on Windows and Microsoft 365.

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