As CNBC reports, 130 of the world’s business and political elites are gathering in Lisbon this week for the annual Bilderberg meeting. Although probably other discussions will be raised in this event Artificial intelligence is the most important of them.

Presence Sam Altman As CEO OpenAI at the Bilderberg meeting comes as no surprise. He made his first appearance in the United States Congress and discussed artificial intelligence regulations with lawmakers. Satya Nadella There is another person who will be present at the said meeting and in this list there are other famous people such as Demis HasabisCEO of DeepMind and Eric SchmidtThe former CEO of Google is also seen.

Further details about the secret Bilderberg meeting are not available at this time. A group of well-known people from the field of technology and politics will be present at this event to discuss artificial intelligence. Of course, do not have much hope for the publication of the results of these negotiations; Because it is likely that no information about it will be made public.

Last year, geopolitical reforms related to the Russia-Ukraine war topped the list of topics at the Bilderberg meeting, and now artificial intelligence is the most important topic of the event.

According to the report FuturismThis is the 69th Bildberg meeting; A meeting that was first established in 1954 with the aim of strengthening dialogue between Europe and North America.

Henry KissingerFormer US Secretary of State Jens StoltenbergNATO Secretary General and Dmytro KolbaForeign Minister of Ukraine has also been invited to the Bilderberg meeting. it is expected Peter Thielprominent technology investor and Pfizer CEO Albert Borella also join the said event.

Bilderberg’s vague press release this year reads in part: “A Bilderberg meeting is a forum for informal conversations about important issues.”

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