Fully automatic sharing pack machine

Irano Sanat fully automatic shearing pack machine is suitable for factories and workshops that have a compact production line. The fully automatic sharing pack machine has the ability to pack all kinds of products in a fraction of a second. This machine is equipped with a strip line system, roll opener, cooling fan, advance jack and temperature control system. Irano Sanat Koreh’s fully automatic shearing pack has a large ratio with dimensions of 60x75x170 cm.

Cabin sharing machine

The sharing pack cabinet machine is suitable for products that have small dimensions. According to the dimensions of the products of his factory or workshop, the employer can buy the sharing pack cabinet machine. The sharing pack cabin device uses single-phase electricity and its power consumption is about 4 kw. This machine is able to pack 200 products in an hour. The cabin of this machine is made of glass, which allows you to see the packing process.

Economic semi-automatic sharing pack machine

The Irano Sanat semi-automatic shearing pack machine is supplied without an advance jack. In such a case, the act of packing requires hand control and operator intervention. Economic semi-automatic sharing pack machine is used for packing different types of products. This device is available in dimensions of 400 x 120 x 250 cm. Fortunately, the oven dimensions of the economic semi-automatic shearing pack machine can be changed based on the customer’s needs.

Single-burner semi-automatic sharing pack machine

The semi-automatic single-burner sharing pack uses electricity and gas as a power source. The dimensions of this device are reported as 250 x 130 x 400 cm. The electricity consumption of this product is 18 kw per hour. The Irano Sanat semi-automatic single-burner shredding pack machine is equipped with a cooling fan, but it does not have a pre-loading jack. See the complete specifications of this device on the purchase page of this product.

Semi-automatic dual fuel sharing pack machine (element + gas)

The semi-automatic dual-fuel sharing pack machine uses both element and gas as the main fuel. Of course, the operation of this device requires connecting it to electricity. The semi-automatic dual-burner sharing pack device consumes kw 4 in gas mode and 18 kw in elemental mode. This device is supplied without a jack. It is possible to control the temperature in the semi-automatic double-burner shirring pack machine.

Semi-automatic gas burner sharing pack machine

Irano Sanat dual-burner semi-automatic gas-fired shredding pack machine. It means that this device can be started without gas and only with the help of electricity. Some may use gas instead of electricity due to cost reduction. Fortunately, the dimensions of the furnace can be custom designed and delivered to the customer. The electricity consumption of this product is 18 kw per hour in electric mode and 3 kw in gas mode.

Cellophane manual sharing machine

The manual sharing device has a desktop mode. That is, it is supplied without a base, wheels, etc. The electricity consumption of the cellophane manual sharing machine is 2000 w per hour. This product starts working with single phase electricity. The material of the body of the manual shiring machine is made of stainless iron and has a remarkable quality. The dimensions of this product are only 60 cm.

PVC cellophane tunnel sharing pack

PVC cellophane tunnel shirring pack device is another type of shirring pack device designed by Irano Sanat Group. This product is economical in terms of electricity consumption and consumes only 4 kw of electricity per hour. This machine is equipped with a cooling fan and is able to pack 300 products per hour.

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