The face-to-face event of “Clouds” is held in the form of a meetup or an intimate meeting. Abar Arvan, as the organizer of this event, tries to provide an opportunity for the community and synergy of experts from various fields of online business in face-to-face events.

The experts present at the Abara event will give expert presentations based on experience in their field of expertise, and according to their executive experience, they will provide problem-solving methods to the attendees of this meetup. These solutions are derived from the lived experience of experts and therefore are not simply retelling of knowledge and research concepts that have not yet acquired the taste of experience.

In this meeting, which will be held on Thursday, 4th of Khordad 1402, Seyed Mustafa Efzouni, DevOps Engineer, will present topics in the field of DevOps. “Developer Onboarding on DevOps and Operations” and “Implementation of DevOps in the Product Development Team” are the topics that Afzoni will address in his presentation.

Of course, in addition to the specialized experience-oriented presentations, part of the time of the cloud event will also be dedicated to open discussion or discussion panel, so that in its format, all those present at the cloud event can provide a platform for the growth and synergy of the community by exchanging opinions and experiences.

According to Abar Arwan’s public relations announcement, the intellectual foundation of Cloud Meetup is to create an opportunity for acquaintance, interaction and synergy of online business professionals. For this reason, both at the beginning of the event, in the intervals between the main parts and at the end of the event schedule, conditions for networking and interaction of the attendees have been considered.

The meeting of the clouds will be planned and implemented for experts in various fields of online businesses. In the first event, there will be a keynote presentation on Devops and an open discussion on the impact of open discussion on our future. But this event will be useful for anyone who specializes in online businesses to learn about other areas of expertise and also network with other professionals to provide growth and promotion for themselves and other attendees at this event.

Those interested in participating in the event of the clouds have the possibility to participate in this meetup from Abararwan site Get a ticket. This event will be held from 16:00 to 19:00 on the 4th of June at the Qalb Hotel in Tehran.

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