One of the most common problems in iPhone phones is the black screen of death, during which the content of the phone screen disappears completely; But by receiving notifications and vibration, you will know that the device is on and working.

The most common reasons for the black screen of iPhones is physical impact on the screen; But other reasons such as an app malfunctioning, system software bugs, or a failed iOS update can cause the screen to go black. In this article, we will teach you how to solve this problem through different software methods.

Force Restart iPhone

The first recommended thing to do when you encounter the black screen of death is to force restart your iPhone. The difference between a forced restart and a normal restart (Restart) is that a forced restart should be done when the user cannot turn on the iPhone normally.

A forced restart is done by pressing a few buttons, which are different for every iPhone.

Forced restart on iPhone 8 series, SE 2nd generation and later:

  • Press and release the volume up key.
      • Press and release the volume down key.
        • Press and hold the side power key until the Apple logo appears and release the key after the Apple logo appears.

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