Tim Cook It is hoped that Apple’s mixed reality headset will bring about a very important change in the market for these products. The development of this product and the creation of its capabilities have limitations that may have caused it to deviate from its original purpose.

Mark Gorman Bloomberg has provided more details about Apple’s mixed reality headset, which suggests that the device has changed drastically from what the Cupertino tech giant expected. According to several anonymous sources who have worked with Apple’s headset, the product was originally intended to be a lightweight augmented reality glasses, and now it has a structure similar to virtual reality headsets and makes it easy to provide augmented reality features through the camera.

It’s been about seven years since Apple first decided to make a mixed reality headset, and this product has now become a device that uses separate batteries to reduce weight. Apple first tested this technology in 2015, but it didn’t work well. The Cupertino-based company originally intended its augmented reality headset to act as an external monitor for the Mac and enable multi-person video calls, but eventually had to scrap those features.

Apple has dedicated a billion dollars and more than a thousand engineers to its mixed reality headset every year. According to the announcement GizmodoAlthough Apple’s headset will probably be sold at a price of three thousand dollars, it is still expected to be a loss for the said company. Meta has experienced such losses before with its Quest headsets, but the company’s cheapest models cost only a few hundred dollars. However, recently the sales of Quest 2 have increased and the price of the newer Quest Pro has increased from $1,500 to $1,000.

Apple’s augmented reality headset is expected to come with several apps by default, including Books, Camera, Safari, Music, Email, and FaceTom. The company wants its future headset to be as revolutionary as the iPhone. If Apple becomes one of the leaders in the field of augmented reality, it will probably earn an annual revenue of 25 billion dollars.

Apple is expected to announce the Reality Headset at this year’s WWDC event and launch it later this year. Maybe this product will not be immediately accepted by the people due to the price of 3000 dollars. Ming Chi KuApple-related news analyst says the Cupertino company will probably release two versions of its headset by 2025.

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