A few years ago, Google started a new project called Starline, which makes video calling possible in an exciting way. Starline is not a holographic system, but through a set of cameras and a special display, it displays the other party in 3D mode; You feel like he is right in front of you.

Google has kept the details of the Starline project largely hidden, and we have not seen specific images and videos of this product so far. Videos can never show the exact workings of Starline, so leaked videos may question the appeal of the project.

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Marquez BrunelliA well-known tech YouTuber known as MKBHD has taken a closer look at the Starline project. With his skill in filming, he has been able to show us for the first time how Starline works. Brunelli says Starline was the most impressive demo he’s ever seen.

With the Starline project, Google is trying to make 3D video calls possible without the need for glasses. The original version of Starline included a special chamber, but the new version is just a large monitor surrounded by sensors and cameras. Instead of a hologram, Starline is based on a light field display system that evokes a sense of volume and depth for the viewer.

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