Meta (the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram) is producing its first custom chip to run models It is artificial intelligence. Meta, which until last year focused its main focus He had metaverse, now he is working on artificial intelligence with all his might. Mark ZuckerbergCEO, said Meta intends to introduce “artificial intelligence agents to billions of people”.

Meta’s proprietary chip will probably play a prominent role in the company’s competition with other giants in the field of artificial intelligence. Today, many well-known companies in the technology industry are investing in artificial intelligence.

The MTIA (Meta Learning and Inference Accelerator) chip, as the name suggests, targets inferential processing. Meta says this chip has better processing power and productivity than mainframes and is specially customized for the company’s needs. With a combination of GPUs and MTIA chips, Meta aims to achieve “better performance, lower latency and improved productivity.”

MTIA could be a very important product for Meta, especially in an era where the demand for artificial intelligence chips is growing. Verge It says that the MTIA chip is not coming anytime soon and its release date is set for 2025. Meta neither confirmed nor denied this statement.

In addition to MTIA, Meta has introduced a new ASIC chip for video transcoding called MSVP (Meta Scalable Video Processor). This chip supports the high quality transcoding required for VOD and the fast processing time and low latency required for live streaming.

In the future, the ASIC chip in question will bring artificial intelligence content and virtual reality and augmented reality content to meta applications.

Meta is also working on a “next-generation data center design” that will be faster and less expensive and will be “optimized by artificial intelligence.” Besides this, Meta mentioned the power of the RSC artificial intelligence supercomputer and called it “one of the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputers in the world”.

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