OpenAI announced the app last night has released ChatGPT for iPhone. This chatbot experienced explosive growth shortly after its public release in late 2022 and today has a huge number of users around the world.

Despite the popularity and utility of GPT chat, Apple seems to have a stance against the service. news agency Wall street Journal It has obtained documents that show Apple employees are not allowed to use ChatGPT. Apple said that it should not be from the tools Generative artificial intelligence used for work.

Apple is concerned that AI tools may collect confidential company information from employees. In addition to ChatGPT, Apple also banned the use of GitHub’s Copilot, which is owned by Microsoft; Copilot is a tool that enables automated code writing.

Microsoft also plays a role in ChatGPT and is the largest shareholder of the company that created this chatbot, OpenAI. ChatGPT sends data to its developers so that the platform can improve over time.

One of the ChatGPT bugs some time ago allowed users to see the chat history of other users. After this security incident, OpenAI added an option to turn off chat history to ChatGPT. By turning off chat history, the data will not be used to train ChatGPT.

Using productive AI to write business emails or ask questions about workplace issues may expose Apple’s confidential information. The iPhone manufacturer has a very strict approach to information disclosure.

Apple isn’t the only company banning the use of artificial intelligence. Unconfirmed reports say the list includes Verizon and JPMorgan, Amazon and Samsung. The Wall Street Journal says Apple is working on a proprietary AI model.

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