Alex Spiro, Personal lawyer Elon Musk, sent a letter to Microsoft accusing the company of using the Twitter API for unauthorized uses and purposes. According to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Spiro “Microsoft may have violated several provisions of the agreement over a long period of time,” he wrote in his letter. He is also the creator Windows accuses Twitter of misuse of data, including unauthorized sharing of said information with government agencies. Spiro He also wrote that Microsoft has refused to pay for data usage.

Microsoft has used Twitter data for several years in some of its products, including Bing and Xbox, as well as advertising tools. However, after free access to Twitter’s API ended, the Redmond-based tech giant decided to distance itself from the social network by removing Twitter from its social media management tool for advertisers and removing the option to upload screenshots and clips on Xbox consoles. and disabled the Windows Game Bar. Microsoft did not provide an explanation for these decisions, but Twitter charges organizations $50,000 per month for access to its new API.

written by Android, Elon Musk As Twitter was removed from its social media management tools, Microsoft tweeted: “They were illegally trained using Twitter data. “Now is the time to complain.” Mask and Microsoft have had a strained relationship recently, Tesla’s CEO claims The Redmond-based tech giant controls OpenAI. Microsoft, which invested a total of 13 billion dollars in startups ChatGPT invested, stated that this claim is not true. Mask told Fox News that he was concerned that ChatGPT was being trained for political purposes. The famous billionaire has been developing his artificial intelligence chatbot for some time TruthGPT has started.

We still don’t know if Twitter’s letter to Microsoft will end in a lawsuit or not, but the social network wants the Windows maker to review the data usage of its apps. Twitter also asked Microsoft to provide a report by June about the company’s data and how it is stored and used, and in addition to announce when it has given government agencies access to said data.

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