Mark Papermaster, AMD’s technical director answered some questions about his company’s processor plans at the Supercomputing Conference in Belgium. AMD plans to use a hybrid architecture, he said.

AMD’s technical director said in a part of his speech: “We will apply more changes to our processor cores and we will take advantage of the combination of powerful cores with low-power cores and accelerators. Therefore, the future changes are not only related to the density of the cores, but the type and way of their configuration will also change.”

PCWolrd He writes, hybrid architecture is not a new technology and has been used in the chip industry for years. Although Intel and AMD have recently taken advantage of this approach, ARM was the first company to use a combination of powerful cores and optimized cores. In 2021, Intel released the 12th generation of its processors known as the Alderlake family with a combination of P (powerful) and E (optimal) cores.

So far, AMD has not used the combination of powerful and optimized cores in its processors. The company’s latest Ryzen series chips also use cores with a similar architecture.

Papermaster He pointed out that AMD will also use accelerators. In addition, the Red Team is said to be adding an Inferential Processing Unit, or IPU, to its GPUs. AMD plans to integrate IPUs with microprocessors, much like it does today in the company’s integrated GPUs such as the Ryzen Mobile 7040.

Papermaster Says AMD from Artificial intelligence is also considered and currently it has started research on how to use this technology in the development of its future chips. The technical director of the Red team also stated: “Artificial intelligence does amazing things and has a very high capacity to perform repetitive tasks and will repeat this process until it reaches a solution. “Artificial intelligence is actually repeating and learning new things.”

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