Apple has started research and development in microLED display technology some time ago; Because it seems that the best OLED and miniOLED panels use this technology.

Apple has even designed some of its display production equipment based on microLED technology and has entered into cooperation with LG Display in this field. The ultimate goal of the technology giant from Cupertino is to use miciLED displays in the iPhone and reduce dependence on Samsung screens, because the Korean brand currently produces most of the screens needed by Apple and is considered one of the pioneers of the OLED industry.

microLED has pixels that light up individually, and this feature helps increase contrast and black depth in OLED displays. Of course, unlike OLED, microLED is not an organic material, which means it does not have a burning problem. MicroLED panels are also thinner than OLEDs and consume less energy. The ultra-small dimensions of the micro-LED chips also allow for more effective integration of other sensors, including the under-display fingerprint.

Since the display is usually one of the most expensive components of an iPhone, Apple can save costs and increase its profit margin by producing the screens it needs.

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