The first rank of the best animation creation program on the phone, both Android and iPhone, can be assigned to the FlipaClip program. A program that many users believe has appeared wonderful. Flipaclip provides the possibility of producing cartoons from various drawings, which has a chance to be placed in List of the best iPhone apps.

In addition, it provides the user with many options, including types of brushes, grid lines, rulers, etc., so that he can easily use his creativity and create attractive designs.

But, what sets FlipaClip animation maker apart is its extensive library of sound effects. Of course, you need to buy the paid version of the program to enjoy the full capacity of sound effects and its better mixing with animation.

The FlipaClip application will have a great experience in creating animation with the phone with the possibility of supporting the Samsung smart pen and pressure sensitivity to add depth to the drawing. You can even play other videos on the program and add whatever you want to the video with the help of the provided tool. So, it is not far from the expectation that the FlipaClip program is in between Put the best Android apps.

Don’t worry about using the FlipaClip program as the best program for making animations on your phone, with the first run of the program, a training video will be shown on how to use the full capacity of the program to teach the important points of its use.

  • Support for popular formats such as GIF, IMAGE and SEQ.
  • Fast sharing on social networks.
  • More video to draw on it.
  • Add text with different fonts.
  • Painting on opposite layers.


In general, on any platform, be it Android or desktop computer, to make animation, you must first draw good initial plans and then move on to their movement. Therefore, we must first with Start digital painting and then turn your creative ideas into animated videos with the help of the best animation programs for phones and tablets.

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