In the last stages of website design, with the help of Screpy’s artificial intelligence tool, you can check the website from a technical point of view.

Scrapy artificial intelligence tool provides the following services:

Syntax reviewSyntax in programming means following the correct way of writing programming commands, and the tool provided in Screpy checks all available syntaxes to show you if there is an error.

Uptime check: It measures the amount of time the website is up at the moment. Also, it can calculate its opposite, i.e. Downtime.

Check page speed: Tracks the status of critical parts of the website based on metrics obtained from Google Lighthouse.

In addition, you can open an account on Scrapy AI for technical SEO analysis and ranking tracking. However, using the capabilities of this artificial intelligence tool for website design will cost at least $2.50 per month in the basic version, provided that you purchase a one-year period.

Other artificial intelligence tools for website design include Uizard and Zyro. The platform allows you to convert screenshots into editable formats and change them according to your needs.

On the other hand, Zyro’s artificial intelligence tool allows you to create a logo and advertising slogan to brand your business. Of course, with a little creativity you can use other tools such as Microsoft’s new Bing artificial intelligence or Midjourney, respectively, to produce advertising slogans and Get help designing a logo.


In general, AI tools are not going to perform miracles for website design, and as you can see, the best way to use such tools is to refer to them as assistants.

Apart from this, there are many artificial intelligence tools for website design and the number may be added at any moment; So, if you are interested in designing a website with artificial intelligence, don’t limit yourself and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get ahead with these few examples.

What is your opinion of Zomit users about artificial intelligence tools and their use for website design and technical work?

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