For the first time last year, in the iOS 16.2 beta, it was mentioned the new capabilities that Apple is developing for people with disabilities. Apple says new features will be available later. These features are likely to be part of iOS 17.

The iPhone Magnifier application also has a new feature to help blind or partially sighted people. This new feature helps users interact with physical objects with text labels. For example, the user can point the phone’s camera at the microwave’s options screen, and by moving the user’s hand over the different options, the iPhone or iPad will read each option aloud.

written by Verge, Apple has also mentioned other features that are provided for Mac users; Including helping deaf or hard of hearing people pair iPhone hearing aids with Mac computers. Apple makes it easier to resize text in Finder, Messages, Mail, Calendar, and Notes on Mac.

It goes without saying that users can stop playing animated images (GIF) in Safari and Messages and change the speed of speech through Siri.

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