One of the features in most of today’s smartphones is the support for very high charging speeds. For example, many phones on the market use 120W charging, and sometimes we have even seen the release of products with 200W charging speed.

We’ve even seen videos of the 300W charging technology in action; But the problem is that you can’t always use this feature. However, smartphone manufacturers tout super-fast charging speeds as one of the key features of their products.

Now it seems the European Union is planning to draft new rules aimed at setting standards for truthfulness by smartphone manufacturers. The official blog of the European Union Parliament has also announced that the new bill is almost official.

written by Fon Arena, the European Union plans to impose restrictions on the way companies market and provide misleading descriptions about the features of their products. New laws about the impact of products on the environment and the right to repair them will also apply.

The aim of the new European Union campaign is slogans such as “environmental compatibility” that are on the packaging of some smartphones and their accessories; Of course, these rules are the result of the union’s past research.

In the following, we mention some other details related to the new law of the European Union:

  • Preventing companies from profiting from products that face problems after the end of the warranty period.
  • Protect consumers’ rights to receive clear and understandable information about future repair options and costs.
  • Prohibition of misleading claims by companies about the compatibility of products with the environment.

Passing laws that aim to help people is great. Now we have to wait to find out what the next step is in the negotiations between the European Union Parliament and its member states and where their new laws will finally end.

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