The Paris prosecutor’s office has launched a new judicial investigation focusing on Apple and has claimed that the company “wears out” its products in a planned manner.

Creating a bottleneck for the phone processor by Apple is not a new story. Years ago, this issue was brought to attention and it led to severe criticism for Apple. After many reports, Apple has confirmed that it will slow down its older devices through a software update.

Apple has repeatedly said that the reason for slowing down the speed of the phone is to preserve charging. Over time, the battery of smart devices faces a drop in performance, and reducing the power of the processor prevents sudden shutdown. Today, even Android phone makers are doing the same.

According to ReutersThe Paris Prosecutor’s Office says that Apple’s judicial investigation has started in the last month of 2022. In part of the statement, we read that Apple uses “deceptive marketing methods” in addition to wearing out the products.

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