While a lot of news has been published about Apple’s virtual reality headset and augmented reality, Palmer LuckyThe founder of Oculus praised this device. Lucky “Apple’s headset is very good,” he wrote in a post on his Twitter account.

Statements Lucky It then goes on to say that early testers checking out a demo version of Apple’s virtual reality headset have been very impressed, according to recent reports.

Lucky He founded the famous company Aquilus, which was one of the first successful startups in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. In 2014, Facebook brought Oculus under its umbrella by paying two billion dollars. This brand launched the Oculus Rift headset in 2016 Lucky He played a role in its design.

Anyway, Lucky In 2017, he was fired from Facebook and his cooperation with Oculus was stopped. He finally sued Facebook to pay at least $100 million; Because he believed that he was fired because of his political beliefs, but this was revealed by some media Lucky To the support group Donald Trump has contributed financially. Of course, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Many times they announced their departure Lucky It has nothing to do with his political views.

Lucky After leaving Facebook, he co-founded Anduril with a number of former Oculus executives. The brand focuses on the development of autonomous systems technology for defense purposes and has attracted billions of dollars in funding from individuals and defense contracts.

Lucky In his Twitter post, he offered a brief but clear take on Apple’s much-anticipated virtual reality headset. Of course, he did not mention on what basis his opinion about the Apple headset was announced.

9to5Mac He writes, we still don’t know if Lucky Have you actually seen or used Apple’s VR headset? However, it is possible that he received one of the demo versions of the mentioned product. On the other hand, it is possible that he communicated with someone who works at Apple or spoke with the developers of the Cupertino-based technology giant.

Apple is expected to unveil its virtual reality headset at this year’s WWDC event, which will be held on June 5. It is said that this product will be equipped with advanced technologies such as hand and eye tracking, high resolution displays, multiple sensors and M2 chip. Of course, the price of the Cupertino virtual reality headset will probably be around three thousand dollars.

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