Well-informed sources in South Korea say that two major companies, Samsung and Naver, are developing the platform in a joint project. Artificial intelligence is a generator that competes ChatGPT is considered; But it is not available to the public. Apparently, this chatbot is for company employees.

Naver, South Korea’s largest search engine, receives data related to Samsung processors and uses this data to create chatbots. In the future, Samsung will improve the chatbot even more.

The unified chatbot, which will be developed in Korean, will be used by employees of Samsung’s Device Solutions unit. This business unit includes the chip business. news agency Korea Economic Daily In an exclusive report, it says that the chatbot of Samsung and Naver will be introduced in October 2023 (Mehr and Aban 1402).

After initial testing, Samsung makes its AI chatbot available to more business units; including the Device eXperience unit that oversees the company’s smartphone and home appliance businesses.

Samsung employees started using ChatGPT in recent months and entered some of the company’s confidential information into the chatbot. This incident caused the disclosure of Samsung’s confidential information. In response to this incident, the Korean company banned the use of artificial intelligence for its employees.

Naver has an artificial intelligence platform called HyperCLOVA X that has learned 6,500 more Korean words than ChatGPT and can answer questions in Korean much faster.

Informed sources say that Samsung and Naver will unveil artificial intelligence chips in the second half of this year to compete directly with Nvidia. Naver already uses Nvidia processor in its cloud platforms.

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