Due to the unstable economic situation of the country and the increasing price of mobile phones, the ability to buy or replace mobile phones among people is very low, and if their mobile phones break down, they go to phone repair centers.

Therefore, today, the job of repairing mobile phones is one of the high-paying jobs that has a permanent and popular labor market. People who are interested in the job of mobile repair, first of all, to start their work, they need to learn mobile repair in a reputable school, which will turn them into a professional repairman in a short time.

In the continuation of the article about the mobile repair job, the features Mobile repair school And we will talk about Tobix educational center, stay with us…

Features of mobile repair schools

In order to enter the lucrative job market of mobile phone repairs, it is necessary that you are familiar with mobile phones, brands, mobile operating systems and their hardware and software repairs. For this reason, it is highly specialized because each brand has its own intricacies. When we look at this job from these dimensions, we realize that the school we go to for training is definitely very important.

Many students of this field enroll in the courses without considering these things and at the end of the course they realize that despite spending a huge amount of money, their choice was wrong and they just wasted their time. Therefore, if you want to learn skills in this field, you should consider the following features for your chosen school:

  • Headings should be complete and up-to-date.
  • The topics of mobile repair courses should be fully taught.
  • A practical workshop must be held during the course.
  • Professors must be experienced and experts.
  • The school certificate must be valid.
  • Workshops should be equipped with the latest mobile repair tools.
  • The most important point is that the mobile repair schools should operate under the supervision of the technical and professional organization.

Tobix School, mobile repair training center in Tehran

Across the country, there are many mobile repair schools that you should do the necessary research about to participate in mobile repair training courses. In this part of the research, you should address issues such as the quality of phone repair training, questions from the trainees who worked in this school, and also checking the valid technical and professional documents provided to the trainees of the mobile repair school at the end of the course.

Tobix School offers you mobile repair training and mobile repair techniques from the heart of the market, because Tobix School is not just a school, but also a provider of mobile phone and digital device repair services. Tobix collection tries to provide you with the most practical tutorials.

Tobix training center operates under the supervision of the technical and professional organization, and we can mention the following among its good features:

  • This school has 24-hour support on all days of the year and even on holidays.
  • Phone repair training in this school is done by international professors.
  • 4300 students have been trained in this school until December 1401.
  • The educational topics of Tobix School are according to the latest method (2023) in Tehran and all over the country.
  • Providing international and valid certificates in 70 countries and providing school certificates to students
  • Providing mobile phone repair training in video format with lifetime access and updating videos with the latest mobile phone repair methods

What skills do you learn in the courses of Tobix mobile repair school?

In software training courses, you will learn the following concepts:

  • How to flash the phone
  • How to make an Apple ID
  • Training to return to factory mode
  • How to root the phone
  • Serial matching with the base band of the device to solve the problem of not registering the info network
  • Training on serial recovery and unlocking the network in a specialized way
  • info Obtaining phone information to install ROM and specify the binary or security version of the device
  • Wip all phones to remove patterns and fix Android bugs
  • Enable usbdebugging of Samsung phones for USB debugging
  • And….

In the hardware repair course, you will learn the following:

  • How to shock the battery
  • Troubleshooting and fixing charging problems
  • Speaker and how to test and troubleshoot
  • Training on blackout, hangi, reset problems
  • Training on drawing the current of mobile circuits
  • Teaching how to replace plastic and heat-sensitive sockets in mobile phones
  • Fixing sound problems, including jamming and lack of sound clarity
  • Training on changing the SIM card slot and knowing the specifications of the SIM card bases
  • Learning to recognize image problems, touch and LCD problems
  • And everything you need to solve the hardware and software problems of a mobile phone in all kinds of old and new models.
  • And…

At Tobix School, the trainings are supported for life and you can ask the professors or get advice from them if you encounter a problem or have a question after the internship.

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