According to the Asiatec public relations report; With the unveiling of Asiatec’s optical fiber internet (FTTX) project in Chalus, the internet speed in this city increased to about 1000 Mbps for the first time.

The unveiling ceremony of the fiber optic Internet (FTTX) project of Asiatech in Chalus was held on Friday, May 22, with the launch of fiber optic internet services at the Zindayad “Qurbani” Conservatory of this city in the presence of Amir Mohammadzadeh Lajordi, Deputy Minister of Communications.

The optical fiber launch project in Mazandaran province was started in Mehr last year with the participation of Asiatec data transmission complex and the Ministry of Communications in Chalus, and now its operation has started at the experimental level in Zindayad “Qurbani” Conservatory of this city. The internet speed of this educational center was measured in this ceremony and the project managers announced that its speed has increased to 930 megabits per second. This project has been started with a credit of 450 billion riyals from Asiatec and its development continues in Mazandaran province.

In a part of his speech at this ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Communications said: Next week, with the presence of the President in Ayani, three million households will be covered by optical fiber, and the bands of Chalus city, which have more than 30,000 households, will also benefit from this advantage.

Lajurdi continued: The speed of fiber optics is more than 100 times the existing situation; Another issue is that the balanced development of optical fiber is also very important, and it is not an acceptable practice to have access to high-speed, suitable and high-quality internet only in the city. Therefore, we should witness such incidents in all urban and rural areas of Chalus and other areas of Mazandaran.

Pointing out that one of the missions of this government is to have more than 20 households in rural areas and 100% optical fiber coverage in all cities, he added: At least 20 million households will be covered by this network by the end of the government’s activity.

Last year, Mohammad Ali Yousefizadeh, CEO of Asiatec, during the opening ceremony of the optical fiber project in Mazandaran, emphasized: According to the memorandum of understanding concluded with the Ministry of Communications, one million households will benefit from the high-speed Internet project through this company, and Mazandaran province is included in this. It is planned. Smartening this province and its cities is the basic need of the province. During 6 months, the complete and stable fiber optic service in Chalus will help 35 thousand households to access high-speed internet. With the implementation of this project, the Internet speed will be improved up to 100 times the current situation, and its minimum speed is 100 Mb/s.

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