It was previously only possible to inquire about the amount and duration of presence at the front for the fighters in person and by referring to the relevant organs such as the army, IRGC and Basij; But for some time now, this possibility has been provided online, and those who have a history of presence in the front can inquire about their presence records by referring to the system of relevant authorities.

Query history of the front

Warriors who were active duty, volunteers or volunteers during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, who are affiliated with any organization, including the army, IRGC and Basij, may need to inquire and receive certificates related to their presence on the front. to be

The inquiry of these records, which was previously possible in person by referring to the mentioned institutions, after the spread of Corona and the need to receive services in person, has been provided online by referring to the systems set up by the army, IRGC and Basij. Is. This is done simply by providing the applicant’s national code.

People who were on the fronts voluntarily or as part of the military service or as a laborer during the war should refer to the system of the organization from which they were sent to the front in order to receive the records of their presence at the front. In this article, the method of querying the systems related to the organs of the army, IRGC and Basij is explained.

Inquiry about the history of the army front

Many of the fighters who were on the fronts during the war were sent to war zones by the army. If these people want to receive a query about their presence in the front, they should refer to the system that the army has set up for this issue.

Information base of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army It is available to users at the address, and soldiers can get a query of their records by referring to it and going through the steps that we have explained below.

For this, first to enter in the URL field of your browser to enter the army system. On the right side of the main page, click on the option “Isahargaran tracking code”. According to the fact that you were part of the army during the war or of the military forces, you should choose the right option.

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