Various types of monitors in 22, 24 inches sizes are produced in this company, and the production of 27 and 32 inches monitors is foreseen in the development plans of Goldiran company. The 40% share of the office monitor market confirms the good quality of J Plus products and shows the quality of monitors of this company competing with other examples in the market.

Also, apart from 22 and 24 inch monitors, gaming monitors in this production line can be prepared and sent to the market with the circulation required by the market, and the enthusiasm of the market has shown that these types of monitors have been welcomed by fans of electronic games due to their special quality.

Internalization of office monitor parts

Currently, a significant part of this company’s monitor parts are produced in this same factory in accordance with the latest global standards, thus ending time-consuming production processes.

In this company, the effort is to minimize dependence on imported monitor parts in the long term. The only module used in G Plus monitors is imported due to the lack of justification for domestic production, and the electronic board as the main pillar of monitors and televisions is produced domestically by Iranian specialists.

How to assemble the parts of J Plus office monitors?

The electronic circuits and specifically the boards made by Tinahamrah Pars company are installed on the panels in the office monitor production line at the beginning of the work and the necessary tests are performed on it to prepare the product for the final stages and this is while the production line of this The type of monitors is able to produce and pack between 190 and 200 monitors every hour.

GPlus monitor and TV electronic board is subjected to a variety of strict tests after production in order to give the user the most favorable result for installation on the monitor and TV.

Use of native labor and employment of women

Goldiran has been able to create an effective capacity for the employment of local labor in the Sirjan factory located in Kerman province. And the presence of women in Goldiran factory and the production line of office and gaming monitors is very colorful according to the production requirements of these products.

The Gold Iran factory, which was established in January 2004, launched the J Plus brand in 2017 and has now succeeded in producing Tina office and gaming monitors with Pars in accordance with international licenses. Communication with the latest technologies in the world has resulted in achieving and complying with the latest standards in the production of J Plus office monitor products.

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