news agency Android He writes that Pixel phones have recently faced the problem of overheating and rapid battery discharge. Apparently, the main culprit is the new Google app update that became available three days ago.

One of the users of the Pixel 6 Pro phone says that he left his phone for an hour but noticed that the Google application in the background was consuming the battery.

Other Google users on Reddit and the company’s online forums have also encountered a similar problem. A user says that he has reset his phone settings and deleted many apps but the problem still persists.

A number of users say that they have installed the previous version of the Google application on the Pixel, however, the problem has not been fixed. Google has not yet responded to the new problems.

This is not the first time that a software update has affected the performance of Pixel phones. Last year after the release of the update, the haptic feedback system of the Pixel 6 series phones was severely weakened.

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