To start using the iPhone podcast, click on Browse to see the suggested topics and categories and choose a few according to your taste. On this page, you will find popular and trending podcasts, primetime, etc. Swipe up to see Top Shows, Top Episodes, and Categories.

Each of these categories is divided into several smaller subcategories in order to make it easier for users to find their favorite podcasts. For example, in the Society & Culture category, you can find topics such as documentary, philosophy, personal development, etc.

In addition, by touching and entering the top episodes or programs section, you can still access the top of different genres by filtering different genres in All Categories in the upper right corner.

In the iPhone podcast search section, in the Search tab, you can search among all available podcasts or among podcasts you have subscribed to or listened to by tapping the bar at the top of the screen to enter the name of the podcast. The important point of the podcast search section is the ability to search within the podcast content. With this feature, if a person’s name or topic is mentioned in a podcast, it will be suggested in the search results.

Play podcasts on iPhone

When you open one of the podcasts, on the opened page, you can see an image of that program along with the activity date, a description of the podcast topic and the people participating in them, and at the bottom, the published parts of the podcast can be accessed, which can be added to the Library by touching + you will

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