Maybe you have experienced looking for the location of a specific place, such as a store or coffee shop, on Google Maps; But don’t find anything. You may even have this question in general: “How does Google know about our Asghar Agha grocery store in Sarkoche?”

To put it simply, Google has no involvement in the registration of shops and stores and other small public places, and even in stores and other large places, and anyone can help other people to find that place by participating in the introduction and registration of these places. Google Maps application can help.

Even if you have just started a business and want to register the location of your business in Google Maps so that you can be easily shown in the results of the Google search engine or in Google Maps when users search in your area, you can add the location of your business in Of course, you will have Google as a normal user.

How can we register a place on Google Maps? What are the different methods of registering a location on Google Maps? In this article, we will explain how you can register your desired location on Google; So stay with us until the end.

According to Google, the main information of Google Map is collected through public data and satellites and third party data companies and of course users. In fact, any user can send a local registration proposal to Google Map by accessing Google Map as a contributor to be verified and registered after checking.

In addition, there is a special feature for businesses to add their workplace to Google Map through “Add Your Business” and manage its information. It goes without saying that this feature is currently not available due to sanctions with Iran’s IP; But you can register your business location as a contributor to make it available to users. However, note that you can no longer enjoy the benefits of the Add your Business feature.

With a regular Google account, you can also see information from users who find your business or even respond to comments and feedback that users share with others.

Also, you can upload images of your business; But you can’t get statistical information to know how customers are searching for your location or how many people have called your business number directly from the phone and basically how the user interacted with you.

In fact, if you want to help the community of users as a regular user so that they can easily find a tailor near them, you will be able to do this easily with the help of the Add a missing place feature.

Add a missing place feature of Google Map

The features of Google Maps include many things, and the Add a missing place feature is one of them, which was launched as part of Google Local Guides with the aim of forming a community of people who record feedback about various public places, from restaurants to shops, and They share the photos there and answer people’s questions.

Location registration in Google Maps can be done on different devices with different operating systems. Next, we will explain the method of registering a location on Google Maps with a phone and laptop. The prerequisite for registering a location on Google Maps is to have the Google Maps application Google account.

Register the location on Google Maps with your phone

If your phone is Android, you definitely have a Google account on it and the Google Maps application will be installed on the device by default; Otherwise, to register a location on Google with an iPhone, you must either install the Google Maps program or log in to your Google account in your iPhone browser and follow the steps below.

Register location in Google with Android phone

By default, the Android phone has the Google Maps program, and the Google user account is entered at the very beginning of the phone’s startup; As a result, you can easily use the feature of adding a location in Google Maps.

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