A large number of smartphone users use their device solely as a device for gaming; The issue that the producers are also aware of. For this reason, some companies like Asus And Lenovo And Xiaomi They produce phones for mobile gamers. Such phones usually offer powerful performance and efficient cooling system and special hardware features; But instead, they are more expensive, which makes them fall off the shopping list of many mobile game enthusiasts.

The main characteristics of gaming phones

  • High charging
  • Benefiting from a powerful chip
  • Large and high-quality display with a reasonable refresh rate
  • Special cooling system for stable processor performance
  • Benefiting from updated versions of mobile operating systems
  • Game-specific software features such as limiting running applications and interrupting message notifications

Just like personal computers and laptops Graphics In them, it is considered the determining factor for the game, in smartphones as well chip It is the first word for playing mobile games. In addition, some features such as the type and refresh rate of the display and stereo speakers can determine the gaming quality of the phone.

software; The secret weapon of gamers

When buying a gaming phone, most users focus on strong hardware and almost forget about other elements such as software. However, it’s been a few years since smartphone manufacturers, especially Android devices, besides using the best possible hardware, have also looked at better software performance. Therefore, smartphones come with exclusive game launchers for each company.

In fact, companies are using their secret weapon to improve the user experience while playing games. In addition to optimizing the device to run games as well as possible, game launchers also have other special features; including a shortcut to take a screenshot, record a video from the game screen, close notifications and prevent unwanted touch of the screen.

Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus game launcher features

Samsung in the exclusive version “Game Launcher” In addition to setting screen resolution and screenshot saving format, the user can switch between three best performance modes, balanced mode, and game mode focusing on optimal battery consumption.

Xiaomi with “Game Turbo” In addition to offering some features similar to Samsung’s Game Launcher, features such as simultaneous execution of specified programs in a small window, preventing the device from overheating, answering incoming calls in speaker or hands-free mode, and providing the ability to display the amount of CPU and GPU engagement when playing various games Is.

OnePlus has not fallen behind its smart competitors “Pro Gaming Mode” has launched itself. The company mentions the three main features of GameLauncher as “turn off phone notifications” and “prevent unwanted touch” and “record missed moments”, only the last one seems innovative and attractive.

“Rewind Recording” It always records the last 30 seconds of your game without any worries; So, if you forget to press the record button to share the golden moments of the game with your friends, OnePlus Game Launcher will be very useful.

It must be said that Apple has a completely different strategy and does not see the need to launch GameLauncher for iPhones. Likely Tim Cook It has opened a lot of account on the hardware and software performance of its devices, which of course is true. Apart from the notch on the screen and slow charging speed, iPhone gamers have no other big concerns.

In addition to the gaming feeling and having most of the features mentioned earlier, the series of gaming phones are also equipped with other features such as a hardware cooling system, buttons and triggers for the game, a large battery and a much faster charging speed than usual.

In the upcoming article, we are going to introduce a list of the best gaming phones in the Iranian market in different price ranges. Naturally, with the introduction of new models and changes in phone prices in Iran, this article will also be updated.

The best gaming phone up to 6 million tomans

In recent years, Xiaomi has shown a very good performance in producing phones suitable for games, and by moving the price range of gaming phones, it has moved it from high-end phones to mid-range phones; Therefore, the existence of a large number of phones of this Chinese company in the list of the best gaming phones in the market will not be surprising.

Xiaomi Redmi 10C

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